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Just a silly comic
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Random Visitor by Aithekitsune
Random Visitor
finally this comic is done
I hop on the Serene's tekeporting adventure!
Tyler walks in his home to find some random Kirlia in his bed, poor boy.
And the return of Julia, still krabby as always.
Serene belongs to :iconrakkuguy:
Eeveelution Gijinka Adopts + Shiny Eevee Raffle by Aithekitsune
Eeveelution Gijinka Adopts + Shiny Eevee Raffle
Eeveelution Gijinka Adopt designs for any eeveelution you have in comics, rps, for fun, nuzlockes, etc.

Vaporeon-bought by :iconakeela-quill:
Jolteon-bought by :iconakeela-quill:
Umbreon-bought by :iconakeela-quill:
Leafeon-bought by
Glaceon-bought by :iconakeela-quill:
Sylveon- :iconakeela-quill:

-You can buy as many as you wish, each buy increases your chance on winning the raffle.
-You can make any edits once you buy them if you wish. (Gender, hair, skin, making them shiny)
- You may NOT resell an adopt.
- Do not claim the design as your own original

These are POINT adopts: meaning 50 points per one

About the raffle

Anyone can enter this raffle, just fav and comment your favorite eeveelution and I will give you a random number between 1 to 100
If you buy an adopt and enter the raffle, I'll give you two numbers, this gives you an increase chance on winning. 
The prize: A shiny hidden ability eevee that you can evolve it into any eeveelution you wish, or just leave it as it is and slap an evolite on it

When does this raffle ends: This raffle ends at the end of February or if all the adopts are bought.

F2U base by: :iconcheekycherripie:
Friends by Aithekitsune
My Liligant and Sandslash from my B2 nuzlocke
I love these two so much
Enjoy the sweet friendship.
Oh wow, I'm actually posting a journal after many months.
Anyway I decided to do simple any-character icons.
For icons of any character of your choosing is 10 points looking like this: 
1452920180858 by Aithekitsune

you can chose if you want it pixel or not.
If you want both, that will be another 2 extra points.
Don't want this kind of icons? Well I can make you this, for 10 points as well: 
1452920450434 by Aithekitsune
If you want multi icons of your ocs/any characters, each one will be a 5 point extra.
You don't have to use the icon if you don't want to, maybe have them as like a collection.
In the comments let me known:
Option 1 or option 2
Background or not, if you want a background, let me know what color
What color outline
pixel or not.
  • Mood: Sympathy
  • Playing: just drawing on my tablet


Aithekitsune's Profile Picture
Artist | Student
United States
Mimi page Inny by Aithekitsune
-coughs- Hello, I'm Ai/Kitsy/ADMIN. I'm a nerd at pokemon shit, I usually a nice neutral person. Not much to say on me really. I'm a shiny hunter on AS(bless that game) I do nuzlockes and draw my characters or pokes doing whatever. I hang with a bunch of awesome nerds that I love so much <3

I only go on two places to chat here and Skype
Sexuality: Pansexual
gender: female
goes by : Ai, Kitsy, ADMIN
likes: pokemon, some animes, drawing whatever, my dorks, GETTA BAN BAN, Steven Universe, food, horror movies.
Dislikes: many things, let's just say that.
In a relationship with :iconreshidavanci:

:iconpollitio: lil babbu~
:iconarchsagetatsu: my glomping buddy
:iconguardant: Purest cinnamon bun
:iconregulus18: my bestie since flipnote hatena
:iconreshidavanci: The love of my life/ biggest duck dork
:iconnintendopie: Saltest coordinator/champion
:iconokonominazi: shipping goddess
:icontippedthescales: my DA sis
:iconrbhmem: my kagerou bub~ Truck-san
:iconsantafedreams: Senpai~
:iconstinkiesdraws: awesome friend and help made the blakexjamie ship
:iconxinsane-tobix: my bff in rl since 7th grade <3 BIGGEST NERD OF THEM ALL
:iconcheesesilk: I still miss her....she was such a sweet girl <3
:iconjello11223: dA brother
:iconaskalternatedoubled:(consider me as a friend) We talk to each other sometimes
:iconsophiatherose: we have some stuff and common plus we also have a ship it like fedex ocs haha
:iconzerothedelphox: ONION CHILD
:iconhorobinota: You make me wanna buy a Wii U for Splatoons
:iconmastachaos: Evil overlord
:iconpapercactus: Aussie Bae that made my lil icon
:iconjadedstrayhyena: crazyshipping in rps haha
:iconxyliax: Potato Bae
dA parents:

You know that friends list when you watch someone, yeah that is mainly the people I just watch on here.

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